Allies or Nah?!

Where are our allies?! Giovanni Melton, 14 year old , was gunned down by his father for being gay. Not only this is sad but this isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m sick and I’m tired.

Candace Towns, a 30-year-old, became what is believed to be at least the 25th trans person to be killed in the United States, pushing the already record-high trans murder rate for 2017 even higher.

So, it’s past time folks have very real conversations with themselves/their families/their religious circles/etc about the material violences queer folk are subjected to for being queer. Time to interrogate those “love the sinner, hate the sin” beliefs. Time to disrupt those “I ain’t got nothing against it, but…” beliefs. Because the reality is that cases like this one are common and it’s those beliefs that lead to our deaths. In the past week, a Black trans woman has been murdered, this young man has been murdered, and a Black gay man was shot and is currently recovering. And all they were doing was existing. HELP US! CHANGE THE NARRATIVE!

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