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Professional Dominatrix Makes a Splash In Cannabis Lube Market

Velvet Swing "raises the general level arousal & excitement."

Why didn’t they think of this sooner? Sometimes good things happen when worlds collide. Marijuana and sex lube together? Oh yes, and the people at Velvet Swing would tell you that you have never quite had sex like this.

Mistress Matisse is a writer, professional dominatrix and sex educator. To that list, you can add founder of Velvet Swing, Cannabis Enhanced Sexual Lubricants.

Matisse had tried other people’s efforts to make homemade cannabis infused lube, they could have a skunky smell or an oily consistency that she was not a fan of. When approached by a local cannabis community member about developing a new product, Matisse knew exactly what she wanted, a silky, water based material without the weedy smell with both active THC and CBD in it for the user’s enjoyment. That is exactly what she and her team developed.

Though the FDA and state regulators forbid statements that would claim this is therapeutic, Matisse has seen satisfied women return with words of praise for a new approach to an age old need. “While we cannot claim that it has medical benefits, I think it has life improving qualities.” In fact, Velvet Swing states that 80% of women tested had longer, stronger orgasms.

Is it all a head game? Could it be that people using infused lube are simply paying more attention and more in the moment? There is possibly a lot more going on that that. Researchers have been interested in cannabis’ beneficial qualities as a vasodilator, improving blood flow throughout the body. Of course, increased blood flow to the vagina means improved circulation.

“In addition to increased blood flow and sensitivity, it raises the general level arousal and excitement,” Matisse noted. “Women have reported longer and more powerful orgasms with the product.”

The fact that Velvet Swing is a water soluble product means that latex products like condoms and dental dams will not be damaged. Vegetable based cellulose helps give it its slippery consistency, so vegetarian and vegan customers can consider it fair game.

Application is as easy as a few sprays and takes about 20 minutes to activate. Users can expect peak results 40 minutes in for an overall effect that can last 2 hours or more. The question most people ask is, “will this get me high?”

“It may not make your head high, but it will make your pussy high,” Mistress Matisse said with a smile. “Women who have children and other responsibilities can use this in the evening and not wake up high like you can from some edibles.”

While marketed mostly to women, Matisse said that both men and women are buying and enjoying the product. It goes without saying that just because it is marketed for couples’ fun, it can also be enjoyed on an evening home alone.

Velvet Swing plans to continue to develop unique infused products to enhance the sexual experience. Matisse said that the company would one day like to offer a luxurious box containing a variety of medicated products that people could enjoy.



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