Why hasn’t the gay community had a #MeToo moment?

Most gay men can remember the first time they set foot in a gay bar: the awkwardness as they walked…

Homo Sapiens Podcast: ‘a queer Woman’s Hour’

Will Young hasn’t been to a sexual health clinic before so our hosts at Manchester’s LGBT Foundation, a community charity near…

4 ways every company can advance LGBT Rights in 2018

In the first year of Trump’s tumultuous presidency, many businesses stood on the side of fairness and equality, just as…

10 Ways to Use Haters As Fuel for Success

Upon reaching a certain level of success, there will almost certainly be haters that enter your life. These are people…

I thought gay rights were safe. Now I know I was wrong.

When my wife and I were married in 2016, we had the wedding of our dreams. We each wore wedding…

Slutever’s Karley Sciortino Wants You to Be Disgusting, Kinky & Free

In some ways, we’ve come a long, long way from Salt N Pepa’s infamous 1990 banger “Let’s Talk About Sex.”…

Millennial Love, Prozac & Mental Health

OUT Magazine: Dating can be rough. Add mental health to the mix and the prospect of the dating scene, or…

Courtney Act Describes The Scale Of Sexuality And Gender Perfectly On Cbb

Courtney Act, a contestant on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother, has gone viral for perfectly explaining the spectrums of sexuality…

Being Queer and Happily Single — Except When I’m Not

On a balmy evening in August, I went to what passes for a gay bar in Iowa City with some…
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How to build a Queer City

An uptight nation that gets its knickers in a twist every time someone eats a piece of meat designated as…

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