Dorian Electra’s ‘Control’ Is The Intersectional Feminist Anthem Of Our Dreams

The queer pop star's music video features a cast of women each with a powerful story to tell.

The new music video for queer singer/songwriter/visionary Dorian Electra’s“Control” is not only a visual masterpiece, but an informative lesson in inter-sectional feminism and the wrongs committed by men unto women throughout history.

The video features a cast of women each with a powerful story to tell: there’s Zuri Marley, with a giant white python draped across her shoulders as she references sexism in religion; there’s rapper K Rizz schooling us in abortion and immigration policies from a spooky candlelit office; there’s Chynna, addressing horrifying racialized sterilization programs implemented throughout American history; and there’s London Jade, giving us an iconic account of gender nonconformity and transness while sitting atop a glittering floral throne.

And, of course, there’s Electra herself, serving a metallic vision as she croons “Get your hands off my body” in the chorus and plays a sexist ministerial-looking person in one of the verses.

“Control” shines a light on several oft-hushed-up stories of women’s struggles to achieve reproductive rights, continuing Electra’s tradition of exploring feminism, gender politics, and intersectionality through her catchy purposeful pop songs and mesmerizing visuals. Take a look, below:



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