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Drag queen Vanity Von Glow performed at a Nazi rally and now she’s rightfully losing bookings

See ya gurl!

A midly well-known, although mostly disliked, drag queen has responded to criticism after appearing alongside far-right activists at a London rally.

Vanity von Glow, real name Thom Glow, is a regular act at LGBT+ venues in London and performed on the main stage at Pride in London 2017. But she is now losing bookings amid outrage at her appearance at the ‘Day of Freedom’ event on Sunday.  An event which was actually Nazi propaganda masked as a ‘freedom of speech’ day, although with the line up, it was more than obvious what sort of parade this was going to be.

A number of controversial right-wing personalities appeared alongside Vanity at the ‘free speech’ event, including conservative bullshitter Milo Yiannopoulos, co-founder and former leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson and editor-in-chief of Breitbart News London, Raheem Kassam.

Canadian alt-right activist Lauren Southern, who has been banned from entering Britain (for life) also spoke at the event via video link.  It really was a line up full of the worst of the worst.

Members of the far-right linked ‘Democratic Football Lads Alliance’, founded by Robinson, and the ‘Veterans Against Terrorism’ group were also in attendance, both of which have previously taken part in marches branded ‘Islamophobic’ by Stand Up To Racism.  Both groups are also violent and generally aggressive.

The outcry follows a video of Vanity at the march singing ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ by Shania Twain – who recently said she would have hypothetically voted for Donald Trump in the US Presidential election – which was shared by BuzzFeed reporter Ryan Broderick.

Following a fierce, but justified, backlash from the LGBT+ community, London queer bar Her Upstairs cancelled Vanity’s performance on Sunday night and released a statement that said “she will no longer be booked by Her Upstairs” as it stands. The venue explained:

The ‘Day of Freedom’ was deemed far right propaganda masquerading as the promotion of freedom of speech.

Primary endorsers and organisers stand for fundamental values that directly contradict what we believe in, and we can not ignore this fact.

After requests from fans, The Phoenix Artist Club also cancelled the drag artist’s appearance at their upcoming ‘A Night in Soho’ event. In a statement, the venue added:

We are furious about any suggested association that has been made between our club and the right-wing speakers at this rally and we think Vanity in time will regret her decision.

Vanity has now released a statement defending her actions, its the usual bullshit white tears excuse.  She did not realise, she did not anticipate the reaction.. bla bla.  Gurl.. you did.  You knew exactly who you were with and you could have left at anytime, but instead, you stayed and made it a hell of alot worse for yourself?  And why?  Because you are a right wing racist.. Just admit it.. But anyway, the bullshit generic excuse admitted that singing a Shania Twain song “may not be the best method through which to make political statements”.  Although the best method would have just to not have been there…

Lets be real here.. this whole ‘I did not know’ or ‘I did not think things would be seen this way’ excuses need to STOP. 

You did know. You knew exactly what you signed up for.  You signed the contracts.  You saw the line up.  You took that cheque. You were that Nazi Sympathizer.. if not a bit of a Nazi yourself.  Also if your angry im using the word nazi.. I am sorry.  How about.. Racist? Backwards? Hateful? Selfish? White Privilege?  The list could go on…

Just admit it, you are right-wing and therefor not for the LGBT+ community.   You can moan and complain that people are stiffling your free speech, but you need to remember.  Hate speech is not free speech.

So we just have one thing to say to old Vanity..

Good riddance.




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