George Michael ‘Fantasy’ Video Revisits Most Iconic Moments

“If you ain’t got time for me/I’ll find another fantasy.” 

Nile Rodgers didn’t disappoint when George Michael’s posthumous single, “Fantasy,” was remixed and released last month. Though the song isn’t technically new, Rodgers’ remix delivers a sound that is fresh, yet recognizably Michael’s.

Michael had the remake commissioned shortly before his death last Christmas, resurrecting the song, which first appeared as a B-side on the singer’s massive Freedom! 90 single in the U.S.. The video strikes all the right chords, having been spliced together from the videos of many of Michael’s other songs, effectively transporting the viewer back in time with nostalgic stimuli.

On October 20, Sony Music will re-release Michael’s groundbreaking second solo album, Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1/MTV Unplugged, featuring some of the star’s most memorable songs like “Freedom ’90,” and “Praying For Time.” Accompanying songs from the original release of the album will be a recorded performance from London in 1996, featuring songs from Michael’s Wham! Period through to Older.




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