HAIM Covers Shania Twain & Everything is Right in the World

When HAIM isn’t busy stomping down a California street or lighting up Jimmy Fallon with their latest single, “Want You Back,” they’re giving us every ’90s feel by covering classic Shania Twain.

During a stop by Australian radio station Triple J, a DJ talked about how he had an iPod taken away from him at a party after he selected a Nothing But Thieves track in favor of “Man, I Feel Like a Woman.” The sisters were delighted and immediately started building up this character of the perfect Shania Twain-loving man in their head.

“That’s one of the boxes you have to tick if you want to date any of us,” said Este, “you have to be a Shania Twain fan.” Done and done. After that bit of Shania hype, the girls jumped into a soulful, lounge-ready version of “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” much to everyone’s delight.




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