Jay Boogie Enlightens on ‘Jesus Loves Me Too’

Jay Boogie is a new artist on Jesus Loves Me Too, spitting wisdom that only comes from someone who’s lived an authentic life and willfully witnessed the world. The Brooklyn rapper’s enlightening mixtape reads like a daily devotion, but rides like a ferocious Boogie banger, bringing together his Church and Ballroom backgrounds across nine explosive tracks.

Religious references recall Boogie’s Catholic upbringing, starting with gospel singer Kim Burrell’s feature on “Intro,” where she sings “Jesus Loves You” amidst alluring purs and violent, thrashing synths. It’s a dynamic segue into the mixtape’s candid inspirational rants, from Boogie’s mom reminding you to “follow your dreams” and “put that fucking phone down,” to the rapper himself encouraging listeners to “live your truth and get your loot.”

But these serious undertones never overshadow Boogie’s brazen cockiness, as he flings lyrics charged with self-confidence throughout. “I was gifted with the ability to kill my enemies by just being me,” he flaunts on the Ahsh Eff-assisted, Flex Lang-produced “Oh My.” And on mixtape highlight, “No Shits,” Boogie repeats the hilarious chant, “I pull up like my shit don’t stink,” above production that sounds as delightfully bitchy as his words.




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