Kingdom Channels Inner Femininity Through Female Collaborators

Out magazine recently sat down with Producer and DJ Ezra Rubin, also known as Kingdom.

Producer/DJ Ezra Rubin, known simply as Kingdom, explores duality through his music, both in its sound and the femme vocalists he features on top. His songs bridge the soft sensuality of classic R&B with the aggressiveness of underground club beats, creating post-modern soundscapes that have attracted fans like Kelela, Dawn Richard and SZA, three artists Rubin now credits as close collaborators.

Released through his label Fade to Mind, Rubin’s work with these artists is a symbotic exchange, despite male producers oft getting overly credited for developing women in music. As a queer man, singers like Kelela (who tapped Rubin for her Cut 4 Me mixtape and debut album Take Me Apart) allow him to freely channel his femininity, creating liberated music together that’s entirely gender-free—neither masculine nor feminine, just as it’s neither dark nor light.

Kingdom is a queer man and works regularly with women of color and discussed with Out magazine how he feels more comfortable working with women of color;

You’ve worked with a lot of women throughout your career. As a queer man, do you feel more comfortable collaborating with them? 

Yeah, I think as a gay man, there’s definitely that cliché that’s like, “We love the divas and follow them through the eras.” I feel there is a safety when working with women. Even as a child, I’ve looked to female vocalists. They were always really inspirational to me. But when I look at the charts and at the radio, there’s such a lack of female voices sometimes. Right now in R&B and rap, there’s still a lack of women. Artists like SZA, Kelela and Solange are definitely changing that and pushing that forward, but there’s still an underrepresentation of women, and especially women of color on the charts. So that’s another reason: there’s a void that needs to be filled.

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