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Lesbian couple’s response to homophobia has gone viral


Sometimes, when you’re an out-and-proud couple, living together in your beautiful rainbow bubble, you have to deal with haters.

And sometimes, they come in the form of one of your fathers.

That’s what happened to Arizona couple Destenny and Destiny – and they had a fantastic response.

Destiny’s dad came into their house and took the Pride flag the couple had hung up on their wall.

What’s worse, he threw it away.

But the couple knew exactly what to do.

They replaced it.

Not just that, though – they made it permanent.

Stripe by stripe, they painted a Pride flag on their wall.

Can’t take that and put it in the bin.

Destenny’s post on Twitter, of the happy pair celebrating their achievement, has gone viral.

She captioned the tweet by writing: “When your gfs homophobic dad takes down and throws away your Pride flag JUST PAINT ONE ON THE WALL ????????????????????????️‍????❤️ “.

It has attracted more than 45,000 retweets and likes.



Source Article (PinkNews)


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