Mallrat: ‘Uninvited’ is the Anti-Social Anthem We’ve Needed

"Uninvited" is off of Mallrat's EP of the same title, which came out last year.

On ‘Uninvited’, Australian riser Mallrat may well have penned the anthem for disenfranchised millennials everywhere. “Get me off the list/I’ve got nothing on my wrist” she says on the song’s ever-so-relatable chorus, as she laments fake people, crap parties and that nagging feeling of being someplace you really don’t want to be.

It’s funny though, because ‘Uninvited’ is a bonafide club banger – one that you’d no doubt hear on your night out. With big beats, sharp flows and a undeniable wit – the producer has outed herself as one of the game’s most undeniably exciting new talents.

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