Pittsburgh Drag Queen ‘Moon Baby’ Drops Trump Diss Track

"If you come into my city, I’ma fuck you up."

Pittsburgh-based drag queen Moon Baby is back with the second single from her upcoming EP Barbara, a scorching Trump diss track called “MaraLago.”

The new song, produced by longtime collaborator Wise Blood, sees Moon (a.k.a. Sam Perry) rebuking the 45th President with conviction so strong, it could only come from a drag queen. When she sings “Boys like you hurt girls like me/ Think calling me a pussy’s gonna shut me up? If you come into my city, I’ma fuck you up,” you can hear her voice as it wavers in anger.

“MaraLago” is also set to become an evolving art project in Pittsburgh. The box of cereal depicted in the single cover will be distributed in grocery stores throughout the city, each containing sand instead of cereal and a bloody golf ball as the toy at the bottom of the box. If you can’t make if to a Pittsburgh grocery store, you can still listen to “MaraLago,” above.

Moon Baby




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