‘Moonlight’ Director Barry Jenkins Chopped & Screwed Grizzly Bear

Woozy, slowed-down remixes of Veckatimest & Painted Ruins. 

Barry Jenkins, best known for directing the Oscar-winning movie Moonlight, has released a new album. He collaborated with DJ Candlestick (of OG Ron C & the Chopstars) to remix the Grizzly Bear album Veckatimest and Painted Ruins. Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste tweeted in response, “Can’t believe the director of my favorite movie last year Moonlight did a full on chopnotslop remix of both Veck and Painted Ruins!!! 🙏🏼😍.” Jenkins replied, “yr music means the world to me.” Listen to the remix album below.

Notably, a pivotal scene in Moonlight was soundtracked by a chopped and screwed remix of Jidenna’s “Classic Man.” Revisit “Director Barry Jenkins on the Music That Made Moonlight” on the Pitch.




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