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New ‘AHS’ Teasers Continue the Clown & Bees Theme

Just in case you hadn’t had your fill of eerie clowns and sadistic smiles between the first trailer for American Horror Story’s upcoming seventh season, Cult, and all the IT hype, Ryan Murphy and the team behind FX’s horror hit have more for you.

Though the approaching season of AHS centers around the 2016 presidential election, it’s not easy to discern what relation bees and clowns have to it (ignoring, of course, all of the clowns in the White House). Perhaps we’re looking at some sort of cult that exploits people’s irrational fears. A fear of clowns and bees are two of the most common phobias people possess, and if this cult from the title is anything like Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, influencing people through fear will play a major role.

The official post for the show depicts a pale woman in minimalist clown makeup, the top half of her skull removed to reveal, not her brain, but a beehive dripping with honey. While the latest video teaser has a hollow clown face slowly rising to the top of a putrid pool. Watch and see, below.




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