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Alternative Rapper Lil Peep Comes Out as Bisexual

Welcome to the queer family, Peep!

Lil Peep took to Twitter to come out to fans.

Emerging emo artist Lil Peep has recently gained a great deal of traction in the alternative hip-hop scene, establishing a greater platform for himself to speak out to his fans about topics he cares about like like mental health.

On Tuesday (Aug. 8) the recording artist took to Twitter to open up about his sexuality to his fans, sharing that he identifies as bisexual. He blatantly tweeted, “yes I’m bi sexual.”

To follow up with the honest coming-out post, the “Benz Truck” singer flirtatiously tweeted “who wants a kiss.”

Lil Peep is set to release his debut album, Come Over When You’re Sober, on Sept. 1.




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