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Romanian Bishop Involved In Gay Sex Tape Scandal Resigns

A Romanian bishop has tendered his resignation after a video surfaced of him engaging in sexual acts with a 17-year-old male student.

The Bishop of Husi, Corneliu Barladeanu, 51, resigned from the Romanian Orthodox Church on Friday and allegedly stepped down “for the peace and good of the church,” the Romanian Orthodox Church said in a statement.

Barladeanu maintains his innocence and has not made any public comments on the matter as of Tuesday.

According to the Washington Post, the statement was issued at the end of a two-day Holy Synod where a sex scandal was discussed for the first time in its 92-year history.

There has been public furor in Romania over Barladeanu and another scandal involving a priest who had sex with a male student as believers are demanding more accountability from the church.

Outrage was heightened as the two cases involved homosexual acts. The church, however, insisted the bishop would have been similarly chastised if the alleged sexual misdemeanors involved a woman.

Barladeanu will no longer hold an official position within the church, but he will remain a monk.

The Romanian Orthodox Church explained that the resignation was the best outcome, because an investigation would last months and would “prolong the situation of uncertainty of the bishopry of Husi” in Romania.

“I think that the Synod should have come out with a strong decision to condemn such shameful practices for servants of the church,” said political analyst Stelian Tanase. “Instead they preferred a cover up.”

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