Stranger Things 2’s Dacre Montgomery Wore a G-String In His Audition Tape

There's plenty of oiled shirtless moments that really show off Montgomery's acting abilities.

Hopefully you’ve watched Stranger Things 2 by now. If not, it’s time you heard the big news: there’s a new character named Billy who’s a bad boy with a violent streak and a habit of taking off his shirt and smothering himself in body oil. He’s played by Dacre Montgomery, who revealed in an interview with GQ that for his audition tape, he stripped down to just a G-string, oiled himself up, and danced around his house.

As he explains:

“I get so self-conscious, so it was a nice reprieve from that, to be able to do that at home, during the day, while none of my family was home, and just go for it, to just have that moment of freedom, and be able to show them that I can have that uninhibited freedom. And I was like, Okay, what better way to do that than to oil myself up, put on a G-string, and… yeah.”

Montgomery’s audition tape is currently circulating the internet, but sadly the cut online is sans G-string. Still, there’s plenty of oiled shirtless moments that really show off Montgomery’s acting abilities.

Here’s some more of Montgomery’s resume, in case you’re a movie producer looking to cast the next big star:




Source Article (Out Magazine)


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