US News

These Are the Corporations Endorsing Republican ‘Child Abuser’ Roy Moore

Anyone with a hint of decency would refuse to support Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore. Despite the overwhelming evidence proving…
UK News

Couple guilty of homophobic abuse to neighbour in Brighton

A couple have been found guilty of homophobic abuse to their neighbour in Brighton, a city well known for being…
Sport & Fitness

LGBT groups oppose Football Act repeal bid

LGBT groups say scrapping legislation that outlaws offensive behaviour at football matches would send a negative message to the community.…

British transgender woman granted asylum in New Zealand because it is ‘safer’

A British transgender woman has been granted asylum in New Zealand on the grounds that it is “safer” for her there. The 57-year-old woman…

Victims of Chechnya’s gay purge open up about what happened

The Russian LGBT Network has published a report documenting testimonies from people who have experienced persecution and abuse in Chechnya.…

Cabaret Show About Gay Mans Experience Of Domestic Violence

Russell Vickery has a lot of experience with closets. The 59-year-old came out as gay after leaving a 17-year heterosexual…

Inside the Chechen Prison of homophobic abuse.

In Chechnya, a country where homophobia is widespread and encouraged, gay men face a host of brutal punishments and persecution within…

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