Elton John takes on lawmaker who said people with HIV should be ‘quarantined’

Elton John has taken on a Republican lawmaker who suggested that people living with HIV should be “quarantined” to stop…

Backwards Betty Price Asks if People With AIDS Can Be Quarantined

It’s always shocking to me how little straight people seem to understand about HIV/AIDS. Friends and family members are constantly…

Love Song to Lavender Menace

Edinburgh needs Love Song to Lavender Menace. Not only a stunningly beautiful play, but an essential portrait of LGBTQ+ life in the…
Lifestyle & Health

One Man’s Childhood Friend Who Lit Up His Life Before Succumbing to AIDS

As a child, my best friend was Robby Anton. We thought the funniest thing was to telephone some hotel in the…

‘Vandalism of a graveyard’: hundreds of Instagram posts remembering lives lost in the AIDS epidemic deleted

An Instagram account which prides itself on “preserving the legacy of the AIDS epidemic” may be facing the end of…
Lifestyle & Health

The Secret Queer History of Kombucha

Norman Baker is a small tornado of a man. You could call him the Elmer Gantry of kombucha, a proselytizer who…

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