Millennial Love, Prozac & Mental Health

OUT Magazine: Dating can be rough. Add mental health to the mix and the prospect of the dating scene, or…
Travel & Culture

LGBT people were viewed as gifted by nature among the Native Americans

We often think that a sophisticated understanding of gender is a contemporary phenomenon. The idea of non-binary or non-gender conforming…

Homelessness and the Death I Fear As a Queer Black Person

As a child, my family seldom spoke to me about sex or sexuality. Not in a healthy way, at least.…
US News

This Gay Couple Left Iran For A Better Life. Now They Wonder If It Can Last In America.

WASHINGTON ― In the best-case scenario if Ramin Haghjoo and Nima Nia still lived in Iran, they would be married.…
US News

More Historic LGBT Wins in This Week’s Election

There have been even a few more historic LGBT victories coming out of Tuesday’s election. Virginia elected not only the…
US News

Accusations against Roy Moore just added fuel to the LGBT community’s fire

There may be no more bigger critic of Senate candidate Roy Moore and his beliefs than the LGBT community. And…

8 in 10 Republicans Don’t Believe Transgender People Exist

A new survey suggests that 80 percent of Republicans believe your gender is determined by the sex you are assigned at birth,…
Art & Design

The Photographer Deconstructing Queer Latinx Identity in Trump’s America

“Artists have always been on the front line in history for major political movements,” says Ken Castaneda—a sentiment that echoes louder…

Ian Daniel – The Path Of A Polymath + Self-discovery + Gaycation

Ian Daniel is a filmmaker, producer, writer, and curator. He is the Co-host and Executive Producer of the Emmy-nominated television show GAYCATION on…
US News

These Transgender Women Made Election Night History

Any way you look at it, last night was an absolutely historic night for America—and a stark rebuke for Trumpism…

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