Travel & Culture

How to build a Queer City

An uptight nation that gets its knickers in a twist every time someone eats a piece of meat designated as…
Travel & Culture

1917 Russian Revolution: The LGBT’s brief window of freedom

In January 1921 Russian Baltic Fleet sailor Afanasy Shaur organised an extraordinary gay wedding in Petrograd. The guests included 95…
EU News

The largest sex toy heist in history just happened in Berlin

Tens of thousands of euro’s worth of sex toys were stolen last Monday in Berlin in what is believed to be…

Why Are All The Gay Men, Straight?

Location: Berlin. Display Name: I should delete this app. Edit Profile. About Me: Could you ask me before you send…

Gay spouses become first same-sex couple in Germany to adopt

A gay married couple has become the first same-sex pair to adopt a child in Germany. Michael and Kai Korok,…

We need to increase LGBT representation in business & leadership

Brace yourself. According to Business Insider, the average person will spend 90,000 hours of their life in the workplace. That…

Namilia’s Vaginal Fairytale Reclaims Slutty Style

Namilia’s spring ’18 show was the only one I teared up to this season, and perhaps ever. But I wasn’t alone—directly across…
Art & Design

Growing up gay in a strict, ultra-Orthodox Israeli city

It takes a unique strand of heroism to challenge the sanctity of religion in the pursuit of queerness. For Berlin-based…

Germans celebrate legalisation of same-sex marriage at CSD

Thousands of marchers flooded the streets of Berlin for the annual Christopher Street Day parade on Saturday in support of…

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