Winona Ryder’s gets revenge on a her 7th grade bully

An excerpt from a biography about Winona Ryder relates a story about how the Heathers actress refused an autograph to an anti-gay…
US News

California approves LGBT-inclusive history books for primary schools

California has made a move for the LGBT history books. On Thursday, the California state board of education approved 10…
Lifestyle & Health

California lowers penalty for knowingly exposing partners to HIV

(CNN) – Starting January 1, 2018, it will no longer be a major crime in California to knowingly expose a…

Fighting for LGBT Representation in Our History Books

I was always embarrassed by that phrase. Every time there was even a rumor that someone might have a Filipino…
Lifestyle & Health

There Goes the Gayborhood

SAN FRANCISCO — The artist John Criscitello of Seattle first became angry a few years ago about the changes in…

California bans travel to four more states over anti-LGBT laws

The US state of California has banned state-funded travel to four more states over anti-LGBT laws. The announcement, made by…

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