Call me by your name

Film and TV

‘Call Me by Your Name’ let down LGBTQ cinema, should have included sex scenes

Luca Guadagnino’s new film, “Call Me by Your Name,” does everything it is supposed do — well, almost everything. Based…

Go Ugly Cry to the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Soundtrack Right Now

Keep your friends close and your tissues closer because the impending ugly cry of seeing Call Me by Your Name is here.…
Film and TV

Hollywood’s hetero approach to casting gay cinema

Every time a new movie about a gay relationship comes out, the question gets asked: “Why did they have to…

Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Soundtrack Will Gay Up Your October

Call me by your name, Sufjan. The soulful, indie folk rocker your college freshman roommate loved to listen to while…

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