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Would A Best Picture Win For ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Have Been An Authentic Victory For LGBT Cinema?

“Call Me By Your Name” is undeniably good. With a score of 93 on Metacritic (second among current releases, behind “Ladybird”), it has…
Film and TV

Queer Latinx Witches Fight White Supremacy in New ‘Brujos’ Trailer

After finding a solid fanbase with the launch of its first four episodes earlier this year, Brujos is back with a teaser…
Film and TV

NewFest Highlights the Best of 2017 Queer Cinema

NewFest has announced the opening, closing and centerpiece films for their 29th annual celebration of the year’s best LGBTQ films, scheduled…
Film and TV

The golden age of queer coming-of-age film?

For anyone who experienced cinema in the 1990s, it seemed like all films revolving around the LGBT community focused on two subjects:…

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