UK News

UK government will push ahead with LGBT-inclusive sex eduction

The new Education Secretary will push ahead with plans to require LGBT-inclusive sex and relationship education to be taught in…
UK News

Theresa May’s new Defence Secretary voted to deny rights to gay soldiers

Theresa May has appointed a Defence Secretary who voted against allowing armed forces personnel to enter same-sex marriages. The Prime…
Lifestyle & Health

Why are some gay men calling themselves androphiles?

We’re fairly lucky to live in a world where most people know and understand that not all gay men like…

Backwards Homophobe Tory who cheated on wife claims LGBT sex education undermines ‘traditional marriage’

A, backwards and bigot, Conservative politician who made a public apology for allegedly cheating on his wife with a 26-year-old…

A Dissection of What Theresa May Tried to Say in Her Disaster-Speech

This era – the Theresa May period of the long British sickness – will probably be remembered as one long…

Brazil legalises ‘gay cure’ therapy as court rules homosexuality is a disease

Brazil has re-legalised so-called “gay cure therapy” as a judge deemed homosexuality to be a “disease”. Judge Waldemar Claudio de…

Far-right ‘trying to ruin the Government’s LGBT survey’

Far-right trolls have been trying to distort the results of the Government’s first LGBT survey. The initiative, which was launched by the…

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