US News

More than 20,000 US LGBT teenagers in risk of ‘gay conversion therapy’

Thousands of young American LGBT people will undergo conversion therapy from a licensed healthcare professional before they turn 18, a study has found. An estimated 20,000 Teenagers…
Science & Tech

Closer to a Functional HIV Cure

There have been some amazing scientific breakthroughs in the area of HIV treatment in recent years, and now a world-leader…

Teacher struck off after telling kids that gay people are ‘sick in the head’

A teacher has been banned from the profession for life after telling a boy that being gay is a “disease”.…

Why Is "Good Morning Britain" Giving A "Gay Cure" Therapist Air Time?

Twitter was the first to react. Fury and mockery roared within moments of Good Morning Britain – ITV’s flagship breakfast…

HIV virtually cured for 8 years in South African Child

A nine-year-old infected with HIV at birth has spent most of their life without needing any treatment, say doctors in…

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