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Breadcrumbing – The New Ghosting

Last year, ghosting — suddenly cutting off all contact with the person you’re dating — was the move of choice for douchebags everywhere who…
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You Are Not Too Hot To Find A Man

While chewing on one too many bites of a frosted cinnamon bun during breakfast, a good friend shared an article…

Are we seeing the end of the ‘traditional family’?

With Australia’s equal marriage debate being taken to public vote this week, it may be only a matter of time before it…
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Hooking Up While Gender Non-Binary

Who are hookup apps for? In theory, everyone and anyone looking to make a steamy connection. But ask non-binary folks…
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Muslim Radio host schools caller who says you can’t be a gay Muslim

A Muslim radio host has schooled a caller who said that you cannot be both gay and Muslim. LBC host…

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