Art & Design

Lauren Field’s Portraits Spotlight Sublime Queerness

Over the past two years, Lauren Field has been capturing the “intersection between queerness, the sublime, and the creation of self” through…
Art & Design

He Comes in Colours (Art & Photos)

Artist Tony Devoney is in a polyamorous relationship with the paint, the color, and the canvas. We need artists to…
Art & Design

Risqué New Art Show Tests Asia’s LGBT Tolerance

When Patrick Sun, founder of the Sunpride Foundation, decided three years ago to take an LGBT-themed art show all over Asia,…
Art & Design

You Can Finally Buy Tom of Finland’s Iconic Queer Caps

Tom of Finland has teamed up with Finnish brand COSTO to create an original capsule of hats, inspired by queer…
Lifestyle & Health

Sierra Leone’s LGBT community, where gay is a sin

“The vast majority of people in Sierra Leone look at homosexuality and transsexuality as a perversion of nature, a bit…

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