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More than 20,000 US LGBT teenagers in risk of ‘gay conversion therapy’

Thousands of young American LGBT people will undergo conversion therapy from a licensed healthcare professional before they turn 18, a study has found. An estimated 20,000 Teenagers…
US News

This Gay Couple Left Iran For A Better Life. Now They Wonder If It Can Last In America.

WASHINGTON ― In the best-case scenario if Ramin Haghjoo and Nima Nia still lived in Iran, they would be married.…

How Queer History Finally Came into Its Own

After Eric Marcus introduces himself on his Making Gay History podcast, the first thing you hear is the sound of a cassette…

Homophobic Senate candidate ‘took secret six-figure sum from anti-LGBT charity’

An investigation has shown that anti-gay Senate candidate Roy Moore has secretly been in receipt of a six-figure-salary from the…
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‘Seen—Not Seen:’ Glass Closets Rarely Just Open

“What time are you leaving?” my Greek boyfriend asked me. “Because my sister is coming at 7 a.m. tomorrow.” I…

Activist Murdered Because Of Relationship With Trans Woman

A man has confessed to the murder of Vincenzo Ruggiero, a well-known Italian gay activist, during what appears to be…

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