Gay spouses become first same-sex couple in Germany to adopt

A gay married couple has become the first same-sex pair to adopt a child in Germany. Michael and Kai Korok,…
Art & Design

Growing up gay in a strict, ultra-Orthodox Israeli city

It takes a unique strand of heroism to challenge the sanctity of religion in the pursuit of queerness. For Berlin-based…

Gay porn star-turned-spy goes on trial for treason for leaking

A former German gay-for-pay porn star has been charged with treason after leaking classified information in extremist online chat rooms.…

Germans celebrate legalisation of same-sex marriage at CSD

Thousands of marchers flooded the streets of Berlin for the annual Christopher Street Day parade on Saturday in support of…

Gay couple seeking asylum in Germany viciously attacked

A gay couple from Serbia who are seeking asylum in Germany has been viciously beaten to within an inch of…
Lifestyle & Health

Germany quashes gay men’s convictions and offers compensation

Germany’s parliament has voted to quash the convictions of tens of thousands of gay men criminalized under notorious historical anti-homosexual…

German high court rejects vote on same-sex marriage

The German high court has rejected an opposition party’s attempt to force a parliamentary vote on same-sex marriage. The country…

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