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Trump Renominates Anti-LGBT bigot for Religious Freedom Ambassador

Sam Brownback, the intensely anti-LGBT Republican who’s been Kansas’s governor and a U.S. senator from the state, has been renominated…

Tatiana Maslany’s Emmys Pin Was a Powerful Statement of Support

Presenting at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, Orphan Black star (and Emmy winner herself) Tatiana Maslany made a big statement with a tiny pin.…

AI that can tell if you’re gay is ‘dangerous and flawed’

Last week research from Stanford hit the news, saying that the most advanced artificial intelligence could tell if somebody was…

The anti-trans history of Tomi Lahren, Fox News’ latest hire

NEW YORK – GLAAD, the world’s largest LGBTQ media advocacy organization, today released the following background information on Fox News’ newest hire…

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