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Being a Lazy Bastard Could Actually Be Good for the Environment

Pause Netflix, tear your eyes off Instagram, and pop open a beer from your latest Amazon Fresh haul. It’s time to talk about…

Millennial Love, Prozac & Mental Health

OUT Magazine: Dating can be rough. Add mental health to the mix and the prospect of the dating scene, or…

Elton John takes on lawmaker who said people with HIV should be ‘quarantined’

Elton John has taken on a Republican lawmaker who suggested that people living with HIV should be “quarantined” to stop…
Lifestyle & Health

Do you need to be a dick to be successful?

Film director Max Joseph, the co-host of MTV show Catfish and the editor of Casey Neistat‘s viral Nike advert, has made a new…

Openly gay soldier discusses his addiction to sex and drugs

When James Wharton quit the army after a decade to retreat to a job in the City and a cosy home…

Uneducated doctors are ‘killing the transgender community’

The UK’s National Health Service is great for many reasons. It allows transgender people to get hormones free of charge,…
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Bodybuilder who wants to become the first trans Mr. Olympia

An automotive technician from Texas hopes to be crowned the world’s first transgender Mr. Olympia, in the world’s biggest body…
Lifestyle & Health

How to Stay Fit While Getting Lit

Drinking and fitness don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  After all, both can make you feel good—in moderation. Without that…
Lifestyle & Health

Man down: why do so many suffer depression in silence?

It was a Monday when Robin Williams killed himself three years ago – Monday 11 August 2014. His death was shocking even…

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