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A Lovely Way To Talk To Kids About What It Means To Come Out

The latest episode of a powerful LGBTQ educational YouTube series for kids is tackling a quintessential part of being queer:…
Art & Design

Stepping out of a binary – celebrating the art of marginalized LGBT Muslims

In the aftermath of the Orlando terror attack – the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in American history – queer…

Felix and the Future: ‘I Refuse to be Ignored Because I Threaten Someone’s Fragile Identity’

Queer Brooklyn-based artist Felix and the Future‘s new music video, “Karen,” explores desire, otherness, and rage in the divine setting of…

What The Mainstream Is Getting Wrong About Gender Neutral

Earlier this month, a judge granted Christie Elan-Cane permission to bring a High Court challenge against the government over the…
Art & Design

A new queer magazine aiming to champion ‘disruptive faggotry’

Flip through almost any queer men’s magazine and, most likely, you’ll get hit with a cornucopia of bare torsos, chiseled jaws,…

Meet Mars Hobrecker: the Trans Tattoo Artist Helping Queers

A kaleidoscopic, beautiful mass of colors act as an entry to The Living Gallery, the queer DIY art space I’m…
Lifestyle & Health

Sir Ian McKellen calls on brands to change LGBT portrayal

Speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity yesterday, McKellen explained that as soon as he came out as…

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