Kevin Spacey


Bette Midler just tossed so much shade at Kevin Spacey it almost caused an eclipse

Comedy goddess and singer extraordinaire Bette Midler just proved why she is a gay icon with one tweet. Midler shaded…
Film and TV

Gay Talese Wants to Talk To Kevin Spacey, ‘Feels Sad’ For Him

The saying goes that good things never last, but we were hoping that something right could. After Netflix itself, several…

Hollywood actors speak of male abusers targeting men

Hollywood has a “rampant” and “pervasive” problem of men sexually abusing boys and young men, according to actors and lawyers…

On Behalf of The LGBT Community, Fuck Off, Kevin Spacey

It’s been quite the tumultuous month for the entertainment and media industries, as allegations of sexual harrassment, assault and rape…

Zachary Quinto slams Kevin Spacey for coming out allegations

Zachary Quinto has accused Kevin Spacey of a “calculated manipulation” after he came out as gay following allegations of sexual assault.…
UK News

Sue Perkins slams Kevin Spacey for ‘setting back’ the LGBT community

LGBT icon and presenter Sue Perkins has slammed Kevin Spacey for “setting back” the LGBT community. Spacey, who has been…
US News

Kevin Spacey Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegation By Coming Out

Kevin Spacey has come out as gay in an official statement issued in response to allegations made by actor Anthony…

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