LGBT Rights


Questions over shooting of gay man with links to Trinidad judge

Lawyers in Trinidad and Tobago are challenging the conduct of the country’s top judge, following questions about his relationship with…

Status Quo tour bus finds new life as UK’s first LGBT homeless shelter

A band tour bus has been given a new lease of life as the UK’s first homeless shelter for LGBT…
UK News

LGBT rights leader brutally stabbed to death

A counselor met by Princess Anne in recognition of his work with victims of sexual abuse has been found stabbed to death inside…
World News

In Africa, LGBT Rights Activists Worry About Trump impact

DAKAR — Gay rights activist Joseph Achille Tiedjou is worried every day that he will be harassed or arrested in Cameroon.…

Brands co-opting the rainbow make me queasy – but they can bring LGBT lives into the mainstream [Guardian]

Brands adverts for everything from sweets to high street banks are trying to be LGBT-friendly these days. It may be…
Lifestyle & Health

I know what it’s like to be a trans teen at school.

A new report shows 64% of trans pupils are bullied for their gender identity. But some small actions can help…
Lifestyle & Health

The world has little to be proud of when it comes to LGBT rights

It may be Pride month, but gay men, lesbian women, trans people and bisexual people across the country will have…

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