World News

Mardi Gras marchers from 1978 reflect on decades of protest and celebration

‘We had no idea so many marchers would suffer’ -Peter de Waal During the first Mardi Gras, before we reached…

4 ways every company can advance LGBT Rights in 2018

In the first year of Trump’s tumultuous presidency, many businesses stood on the side of fairness and equality, just as…

Burberry celebrates LGBTQ in latest collection

Burberry has announced it’s dedicating its next collection to the celebration of LGBTQ communities. The fashion house has unveiled what…
US News

More than 20,000 US LGBT teenagers in risk of ‘gay conversion therapy’

Thousands of young American LGBT people will undergo conversion therapy from a licensed healthcare professional before they turn 18, a study has found. An estimated 20,000 Teenagers…
Travel & Culture

How to build a Queer City

An uptight nation that gets its knickers in a twist every time someone eats a piece of meat designated as…

Were Black and LGBT Reporters Banned from the White House Christmas Party Guest List?

In late November 2017, reports began circulating online holding that at least two journalists who cover the White House for…

Justin Tranter, RuPaul & More On LGBTQ Representation in Music

Recently queer icon Rupaul and country songwriter Shane McAnally sat down with Justin Tranter to create a PSA for more…
Film and TV

Queerest Category at the Oscars This Year May Be Best Foreign Language Film

In stark contrast to other, quieter years, the Oscars’ current race for Best Foreign Language Film is quite noisy. Consider…
UK News

‘Transgender lessons’ to be given to nursery children as young as two

Drag queens are being brought into nursery schools for storytelling sessions to teach children from the age of two about…
US News

This Gay Couple Left Iran For A Better Life. Now They Wonder If It Can Last In America.

WASHINGTON ― In the best-case scenario if Ramin Haghjoo and Nima Nia still lived in Iran, they would be married.…

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