Franco Noriega makes our mouths water in Paper photoshoot

Franco Noriega has been showing off his impressive meat again. You probably known the Peruvian chef from his 2016 viral…

Hollywood actors speak of male abusers targeting men

Hollywood has a “rampant” and “pervasive” problem of men sexually abusing boys and young men, according to actors and lawyers…
Lifestyle & Health

Man down: why do so many suffer depression in silence?

It was a Monday when Robin Williams killed himself three years ago – Monday 11 August 2014. His death was shocking even…

The Secret History of the Gay-Straight Bromance

Reggie and Pete are best buds in a South London motorcycle club. Both wear black leather jackets. Reggie (Colin Campbell)…

Charli XCX is day dreaming ’bout boys’

Charli XCX enlisted visual cameos from an A-list crew of male celebrities in her bubbly video for new single, “Boys.” The…
Film and TV

Home Movies

A home movie collection of gay men.  Memory serves as an act of hope, power, and above all, resilience. Credits:…

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