Felix and the Future: ‘I Refuse to be Ignored Because I Threaten Someone’s Fragile Identity’

Queer Brooklyn-based artist Felix and the Future‘s new music video, “Karen,” explores desire, otherness, and rage in the divine setting of…

This Short Film Hilariously Examines Masculinity Expectations Of Gay Men

A compelling new short film explores how gay men impose expectations of masculinity on one another ― and the effects…

The Australian Band Redefining Masculinity Through ‘Radical Softness’

Queer Australian quartet Cub Sport just released their sophomore alt-pop album, BATS, which debuted at #2 on Australia’s Independent Albums Chart. The band’s lead…
Lifestyle & Health

Toxic masculinity is everywhere. It’s up to us men to fix this

The past two weeks have reminded us of the extent to which women suffer at the hands of the patriarchy.…
Art & Design

A new queer magazine aiming to champion ‘disruptive faggotry’

Flip through almost any queer men’s magazine and, most likely, you’ll get hit with a cornucopia of bare torsos, chiseled jaws,…
Lifestyle & Health

Do You Hit the Gym Just to Get a Man?

Spring is both the start of warmer weather and the end of my gym freedom. Nearly every machine is packed…

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