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Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case Over Anti-LGBT Mississippi Law

The Supreme Court announced Monday it will not hear two challenges to a Mississippi law that permits businesses and government workers with…
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The Muted Fight Against HB 1523, the Most Anti-LGBT Law in US

Remember in 2014 when Indiana passed an anti-LGBT “religious freedom” law? The ensuing national anger—and widespread corporate boycotting—effectively forced then-governor Mike Pence to revise the…

It’s now legal to discriminate against gay people in Mississippi, if Jesus told you to

A Mississippi law that makes it legal for religious people to discriminate against gay people comes into effect today. The…

Mississippi’s anti-LGBTI, HB 1523, law to go into effect

The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals today reversed an injunction against Mississippi House Bill 1523 (HB 1523) which is…

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