Art & Design

The Queer Artist Seeking ‘Beautiful Unconscious Courage’ In Her Subjects

“The capacity of resistance, as a teenager, fascinates me,” says Camille Rouzaud, whose raw, intimate work spotlights subjects that embody a…
Art & Design

Lauren Field’s Portraits Spotlight Sublime Queerness

Over the past two years, Lauren Field has been capturing the “intersection between queerness, the sublime, and the creation of self” through…
Art & Design

Growing up gay in a strict, ultra-Orthodox Israeli city

It takes a unique strand of heroism to challenge the sanctity of religion in the pursuit of queerness. For Berlin-based…
Art & Design

The Queer Photographer Challenging Black Masculinity With Glitter

When Frank Ocean released his “Nikes” video off Blonde in 2016, the bisexual singer appeared with glitter makeup sparkling as he sang the lyrics,…
Art & Design

Quil Lemons Shares His Panorama Polaroid Diary

This weekend, during Panorama 2017, queer photographer Quil Lemons (AKA “Glitterboy”) brought his polaroid camera to capture the New York…
Lifestyle & Health

Sierra Leone’s LGBT community, where gay is a sin

“The vast majority of people in Sierra Leone look at homosexuality and transsexuality as a perversion of nature, a bit…

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