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The Photographer Deconstructing Queer Latinx Identity in Trump’s America

“Artists have always been on the front line in history for major political movements,” says Ken Castaneda—a sentiment that echoes louder…
Art & Design

The Queer Artist Seeking ‘Beautiful Unconscious Courage’ In Her Subjects

“The capacity of resistance, as a teenager, fascinates me,” says Camille Rouzaud, whose raw, intimate work spotlights subjects that embody a…
Art & Design

The ‘Disposable Series’ Makes Room For Queer Artists Of Colour

For Travis Geter, Robert Vance, and Redgi Woods, the art world was not a place that they saw themselves represented within. The queer…
Art & Design

This Photo Series Spotlights the Queer Millennial Scene in Post-María Puerto Rico

When Hurricane María ravaged the Caribbean, it destroyed electrical grids, homes, agriculture, and anything else in its path. But the…
Art & Design

Helmut Lang Launches Walter Pfeiffer Capsule

Helmut Lang under the brand’s editor-in-residence Isabella Burley has already proven to be a potent refresh, having tapped Hood By Air’s…
Art & Design

He Comes in Colours (Art & Photos)

Artist Tony Devoney is in a polyamorous relationship with the paint, the color, and the canvas. We need artists to…
Art & Design

‘Museum of Sex’ Exhibition Highlights LGBTQ Life in Peru

The Museum of Sex (MoSex) offers visitors everything one may expect from their scintillating yet simplistic moniker. Yet, the Flatiron District…

Ad Campaign Flips Gender Roles, Features Women In Suits & Men Completely Naked

For their new campaign, Suitsupply’s sister company SUISTUDIO has offered a bold take on femme businesswear: dressing women in their corporate…
Art & Design

Lucas Murnaghan & His Stunning Underwater Photography

Canadian photographer Lucas Murnaghan, 41, has taken Instagram by storm with his incredible underwater photography. Murnaghan, who lives with his partner of…

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