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These Are the Corporations Endorsing Republican ‘Child Abuser’ Roy Moore

Anyone with a hint of decency would refuse to support Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore. Despite the overwhelming evidence proving…
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Roy Moore Supporters Are OK With Alleged Child Molestation, But Not Gay Marriage

As Republicans continue twisting themselves into pretzels trying to decide what to do about accused child molester Roy Moore, at…
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Accusations against Roy Moore just added fuel to the LGBT community’s fire

There may be no more bigger critic of Senate candidate Roy Moore and his beliefs than the LGBT community. And…
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An Alabama Republican just defended accused child molester Roy Moore by invoking scripture

Roy Moore, the Alabama “family values” candidate for Senate, has been accused of sexually molesting underage girls, but his pal, state auditor Jim…
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Republican Senate candidate compares ‘victims’ of gay marriage to Jews in the Holocaust

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore compared bakers who object to gays getting married to victims of the Holocaust. Roy Moore has…

Homophobic Senate candidate ‘took secret six-figure sum from anti-LGBT charity’

An investigation has shown that anti-gay Senate candidate Roy Moore has secretly been in receipt of a six-figure-salary from the…

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