Being Queer and Happily Single — Except When I’m Not

On a balmy evening in August, I went to what passes for a gay bar in Iowa City with some…

How same-sex samurai stories made gay love beautiful in Japan

Stories help define us as individuals, a community and a society. I’m always amazed how homosexuality flourished in places that,…
World News

Tanzania deports three lawyers for ‘promoting homosexuality’

Tanzania has deported three South African lawyers after they were accused of promoting homosexuality. They were among 13 people arrested…
Science & Tech

Want More Sex? Marijuana Smokers Get Lucky More Often

The combination of sex and drugs has provided inspiration for rock songs, countless experiential essays and now a study that…

Backwards Homophobe Tory who cheated on wife claims LGBT sex education undermines ‘traditional marriage’

A, backwards and bigot, Conservative politician who made a public apology for allegedly cheating on his wife with a 26-year-old…
Art & Design

Joe Orton’s Diaries: The Most Explicit Depiction of ’60s Gay Sex

A show celebrating queer art at London’s Tate Britain includes examples of library books defaced by the British playwright Joe…
EU News

Romanian Bishop Involved In Gay Sex Tape Scandal Resigns

A Romanian bishop has tendered his resignation after a video surfaced of him engaging in sexual acts with a 17-year-old…
Lifestyle & Health

Men, Sex & Marijuana: Can Weed Affect Performance?

Is there such a thing as weed dick? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no. As Playboy reported, studies on animals have shown…

A tweetstorm defending Teen Vogue’s anal sex guide is going viral

Teen Vogue poked a lot of ultra-conservative, backwards-facing bears when it published a guide to anal sex last week. Whether they didn’t…

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