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Meet The Queer Eye, Netflix’s Reboot

Entertainment Weekly recently revealed your first look at the new host’s for Netflix’s upcoming Queer Eye for the Straight Guy revival. “It’s a new…

Weston Allen is Transforming Smooth Jazz Into Queer Erotica

Weston Allen’s live New York debut was a strange, oddly sensual experience. Wearing a lemon yellow suit with matching hair, the…

Felix and the Future: ‘I Refuse to be Ignored Because I Threaten Someone’s Fragile Identity’

Queer Brooklyn-based artist Felix and the Future‘s new music video, “Karen,” explores desire, otherness, and rage in the divine setting of…

Superfruit’s ‘Fantasy’ Music Video is Surreal Escapism

Need an escape from the chaos engulfing the world right now? Take a few minutes and travel the galaxy with…

TORRES Owns Her Sexual Desires on ‘Three Futures’

“I’m more of an ass man,” declares TORRES on Three Futures highlight “Righteous Woman,” flipping the role women have historically been pressured…

Poor Baby’s Final Music Video, ‘Feera,’ is a Technicolor Queer Dreamscape

If you’re just now discovering the queer musical quartet Poor Baby, your’e a little late: the band has been forced to…

Tegan and Sara’s ‘The Con X: Covers’ Features Mykki Blanco, Shamir & MUNA

Ten years ago, openly gay twins Tegan and Sara released their breakthrough album, The Con. Today, they’re teamed up with 14 of their favorite…

‘FUTUREHOOD Fridays’ Promises Weekly Queer Music Drops

FUTUREHOOD, the queer music launchpad founded by Banjee Report’s aCeb00mbaP and Mister Wallace, has announced it will release something new every…

Sakima’s Queer ‘Daddy’ Anthem & 10 More New Songs

Pop critics weigh in on some of the recent important new music releases. Last week saw the release of Sakima’s…

‘Moonlight’ Director Barry Jenkins Chopped & Screwed Grizzly Bear

Barry Jenkins, best known for directing the Oscar-winning movie Moonlight, has released a new album. He collaborated with DJ Candlestick (of OG Ron C & the Chopstars) to…

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