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Washington State Moves To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

Washington state is one signature away from banning licensed therapists from trying to convert a minor’s sexual orientation. The state’s…

House Dems Take Action Against HHS ‘Religious Freedom’ Division

Democrats in the U.S. House are taking steps against the new Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom in the Department…

5 Ways the Trump Presidency Has Affected LGBTQ Rights

Despite saying he supported LGBTQ rights on the campaign trail, Donald Trump and his administration have already proven to be…

Homophobic Senate candidate ‘took secret six-figure sum from anti-LGBT charity’

An investigation has shown that anti-gay Senate candidate Roy Moore has secretly been in receipt of a six-figure-salary from the…

Pittsburgh Drag Queen ‘Moon Baby’ Drops Trump Diss Track

Pittsburgh-based drag queen Moon Baby is back with the second single from her upcoming EP Barbara, a scorching Trump diss track called…

Mississippi’s anti-LGBTI, HB 1523, law to go into effect

The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals today reversed an injunction against Mississippi House Bill 1523 (HB 1523) which is…

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