Anti-LGBTQ Violence Claimed One Life For Every Week In 2017

Brandi Seals, a black transgender woman, was shot to death in Houston on Dec. 13, becoming the country’s 22nd known…
Film and TV

Netflix’s Narcos airs hot, dangerous, barrier-breaking gay scene

Narcos just aired a hot, steamy gay scene – before one of the men murdered a rival. Netflix is building a…

Cabaret Show About Gay Mans Experience Of Domestic Violence

Russell Vickery has a lot of experience with closets. The 59-year-old came out as gay after leaving a 17-year heterosexual…
Lifestyle & Health

Turkey LGBT+ are staging a Pride parade, despite a real threat of violence

Despite threats from right-wing groups, LGBTQ rights activists in Turkey are pressing on with plans for a Pride parade in Istanbul this…

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