Virgin Suicide’s ‘Evil Eyes’ Explores Queer Lust

Danish quintet Virgin Suicide’s new music video for “Evil Eyes,” off of their forthcoming new album Forever Trouble, tells the story of…
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The Trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel arrives

James Cameron had been working on an adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s manga ‘Battle Angel Alita’ for more than a decade, before handing…
Film and TV

Meet The Queer Eye, Netflix’s Reboot

Entertainment Weekly recently revealed your first look at the new host’s for Netflix’s upcoming Queer Eye for the Straight Guy revival. “It’s a new…
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Queer Latinx Witches Fight White Supremacy in New ‘Brujos’ Trailer

After finding a solid fanbase with the launch of its first four episodes earlier this year, Brujos is back with a teaser…

Felix and the Future: ‘I Refuse to be Ignored Because I Threaten Someone’s Fragile Identity’

Queer Brooklyn-based artist Felix and the Future‘s new music video, “Karen,” explores desire, otherness, and rage in the divine setting of…

Superfruit’s ‘Fantasy’ Music Video is Surreal Escapism

Need an escape from the chaos engulfing the world right now? Take a few minutes and travel the galaxy with…

This Short Film Hilariously Examines Masculinity Expectations Of Gay Men

A compelling new short film explores how gay men impose expectations of masculinity on one another ― and the effects…
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‘Dream Boat’ Documents Cruising on the High Seas

“Dream Boat,” Tristan Ferland Milewski’s documentary about a weeklong European cruise for gay men, quickly gets its audience into a vacation…

This ’80s Remix of Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ is Flawless

First of all, if you haven’t drunkenly walked down a street singing along to Dua Lipa’s iconic song “New Rules,”…
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This New Short Film Spotlights Suicide Within the Queer Community

A new short fashion film titled ABV_WTR is addressing the epidemic of suicide, particularly as it effects the queer community. “This film…

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