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Tatiana Maslany’s Emmys Pin Was a Powerful Statement of Support

And you can get your very own.

Presenting at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, Orphan Black star (and Emmy winner herself) Tatiana Maslany made a big statement with a tiny pin. She wore a blue ampersand on her black gown, which showed solidarity with not only the LGBT community, but with all communities targeted by discrimination.


While many celebrities wore blue ribbons in support of the ACLU, Maslany’s pin was a departure, but with many of the same goals. Maslany was supporting GLAAD’s Together Movement, which aims to fight discrimination of all kinds and help women, Muslims, immigrants, LGBTQ people, and others targeted by oppression. “The ampersand represents the power of our voices together,”the movement’s website reads. “We must stand in unity and resist the forces that seek to divide us. All of us. Because no one is just one identity, and many of us are under attack.”

GLAAD tweeted its support of Maslany’s big statement:

The group is selling the ampersand pin and other apparel on its website; proceeds go to fighting for LGBT rights.



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