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The viral ‘Right in front of my salad?’ film has a brilliant sequel

It's just as hilarious.

The gay adult film which birthed the fantastic “Right in front of my salad?” meme has a hilarious sequel.

And that woman’s salad is at risk again in “Right in Front of My Salad…Again”.

Nikki V. became a meme sensation after she exclaimed “Right in front of my salad?” as she realised that two men on the other side of the counter were having sex.

The clip was part of a film called Private Lesson Part 3.

The iconic scene was born as the woman, who was thoroughly enjoying her salad, realises that the two men on the other side of the kitchen counter are having sex.


Warning, this clip of the first film is extremely NSFW.

And now, Nikki V. is back and surprised all over again that men would be having sex right in front of – well, you see where this is going.

This time, she carefully prepares her meal, chopping and tossing the vegetables while a couple of men start getting hot and heavy in the next room.

Nikki V. walks past the door before doing a crucial double-take, retracing her steps to the doorway.

Upon discovering what’s happening, she promptly drops her salad, exclaiming: “Babe! Right in front of my fucking salad?

“Not again!” she adds, as greens fall from her gobsmacked mouth.

She jumps up and down and leaves the room in a huff, before a slow-motion replay shows the full extent of what Nikki lost when she dropped her salad.

Here’s a preview of the film everyone has been waiting for. A warning, though – it’s definitely NSFW.

Jake Porter, one of the stars of the first film, told BuzzFeed that the now famous line was actually improvised by Nikki.

He explained: “I wouldn’t call [the scene] scripted. We had bullet-points set up for how we kind of wanted her to react.

“We kind of gave her the bones of what we were looking for, but she definitely built the structure of the scene,” he added.

“We did it multiple takes to get it perfect, but also because we were all laughing.”

The revelation of the origins of the clip shocked many people, but it only made the clip funnier.



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