Virgin Suicide’s ‘Evil Eyes’ Explores Queer Lust

"The emotional spine in this music film is feeling like an outsider in life."

Danish quintet Virgin Suicide’s new music video for “Evil Eyes,” off of their forthcoming new album Forever Trouble, tells the story of a young gay boy stranded with a bunch of macho straight boys on a football field trip. It’s about having a crush, realising one’s sexuality, but above all about feeling incredibly alone and isolated.

The video is deeply emotional and tells a twisting story, much like the ethereal pop of Virgin Suicide. It’s directed by Teys Schucany, who described the project as “a high five for everyone out there trying to break gender stereotypes and creating a less discriminating future for our world.”

We sat down with Schucany and lead singer Martin Grønne to talk about how they came up with the story by mining their own personal experiences, exploring lust and open sexuality, and what to expect from the upcoming Virgin Suicide LP.

Head over to Out Magazine to read a interview with them.




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